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Crate Keys

Ultra Cubelet

Knight Rank:


Access to /fix all
Access to /workbench
Access to /feed
Access to /ptime
Access to /tptoggle
Access to /trash

The color rank will be Knight
The color of your messages in chat will be white
The ability to access 3 Player Vaults
The size of the Player Vaults will increase with 6 rows
You will have the ability to set up to 5 homes
Ability to AFK without being kicked
The can list 5 items in the auction house
The ability to create 20 player shops
The ability to fly in spawn
Access to the Knight cosmetics

Buy for CSG survival

About Us

The PlayerLands server is an international community driven Minecraft network hosting the familiar game modes HCF, Kitmap, and Practice.

About the server

The PlayerLands network is a community focused network, join our growing group now!

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