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Crate Keys

Ultra Cubelet

x2 Rare Crate Keys :


This package gives you Rare crate keys! You will be able to set quantity with next step, after pressing add to cart button.

These keys are PHYSICAL, make sure you've got space in your inventory before purchasing! NOTE: To use a key you must right click the crate with your key in hand.

Chance of getting one of the following:
+$500 Banknote
+$1000 Banknote
+$2500 Banknote
+$5000 Banknote
10 Diamond blocks
10 Gold blocks
10 Emerald blocks
Enchanting bundle set
8 Hoppers
64 Firework rockets
Enchanted diamond helmet
Enchanted diamond chestplate
Enchanted diamond leggings
Enchanted diamond boots
Enchanted diamond sword
Enchanted diamond axe
Enchanted diamond pickaxe
+50 Tokens
+100 Tokens
Knight kit voucher
Lord kit voucher
Light blue shulker box
Yellow shulker box
Lime shulker box
+100 Claim blocks
+250 Claim blocks
+500 Claim blocks
9 (1 day) Advertisement gems
9 (2 days) Advertisement gems
10 Golden apples
Workbench command voucher
Hat command voucher
Chat colors container
1 Beacon
2 Rare crate keys
1 Ultra crate key
1 (60 min) flytime voucher
2 (60 min) flytime vouchers
Normal cubelet
Super cubelet
+3 gravestones
Key container
Knight rank voucher
2 Item name tag
2 Item lore tag

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