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Ultra Cubelet

Buyers Beware

Please note that purchases wont be refunded if you are banned or muted on the server for breaking our rules. Be sure to input your Minecraft name correctly. Completion of purchases may take anywhere from 1 to 5 minutes. We do not sell unbans and never will.

Please feel free to set up a ticket in our discord, with any questions you may have.


x2 Rare Crate Keys


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Ultra Cubelets


1 Ultra Cubelet

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Knight Rank


Knight PERM Rank

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Lord Rank


Lord PERM Rank

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x2 Ultra Crate keys


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Baron Rank


Baron PERM Rank

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x2 God Crate Keys


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Paladin Rank


Paladin PERM rank

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Duke Rank


Duke PERM rank

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King Rank


King PERM rank

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About Us

The PlayerLands server is an international community driven Minecraft network hosting the familiar game modes HCF, Kitmap, and Practice.

About the server

The PlayerLands network is a community focused network, join our growing group now!

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If you are under the age of 18, confirm with your parent or legal guardian before making a purchase.

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